Duplicate Cleaner – Help your device to become faster!

Have you encountered a problem with slow performance of your device, the long time opening files or freezing? Most likely, your answer is YES.

This is really a problem when you want to do things quickly, but you face difficulties, which drive you crazy at this moment. This should not be so! If you simply close our eyes to these uncomfortable things, you won’t enjoy working with you device. Therefore, if you are plagued by the problems described above, you definitely need to understand their cause.

You can send the device to a service center or start searching solutions in the Internet. But just think, maybe you have problems due to the large number of unnecessary files on your device? And all that you need to do is get rid from them.

Especially that make it very simple with Duplicate Cleaner app!


Duplicate Cleaner is a special app to help you to keep your device clean. It provides two ways for checking duplicates. You can do this Quick! Or use Advanced option to configure the necessary search parameters like search by pictures, music, videos or folders, use search by size, name, data and other parameters that allow to find absolutely all duplicates!

After all duplicates will be found you can sort them on the result page by hash, name, size, data created and modified. Also you can remove all found duplicates at once or select several from them.

Duplicate Cleaner displays scanning and deleting process. So you can see wasted space for area chosen for scanning and number of duplicates found. Moreover you can always cancel or skip the rest.

Use Duplicate Cleaner to clean your device from unnecessary duplicates right now! You’ll see that yourself how it is simple and effective!


Duplicate Cleaner – Help your device to become faster!
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